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Arrive in Australia

Arriving in Australia (©Tony Hewitt)

Where to Start:

Firstly, Welcome to Australia!

We know that the coming weeks and months (and hopefully, years) will be an exciting and wonderful adventure for you (and your family) so enjoy the exciting and memorable journey. Hopefully you had a pleasant flight, are enjoying some warm Aussie hospitality and that so far you have been following your check lists and everything so far has gone smoothly.

When you arrive in Australia for the first time to visit, to check out where you might like to live or if it is to settle permanently; it can still be quite daunting at in the beginning. RELAX, enjoy the anticipation and new experiences and remember that we are here to help where we can. So, when you have settled in to your accommodation, oriented yourself and taken some time to relax and soak up some of the Aussie weather, lifestyle and maybe take in a few sights you can start to work your way through your (see example below). Some of these will be quite urgent (e.g. activating your bank account so you have access to some AUD) and others you can tackle when you are ready (e.g. buy a car). Other tasks that are less urgent can be found in the next section, see Your First Year for these.

Arrive in Australia Checklist

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My Pre-Departure Tasks

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My Initial Arrival Tasks

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My Other Arrival Tasks

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My Settling In Tasks

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