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Getting a Job Down Under

When you arrive in Australia and if you have a permanent residence visa, you will find that recruitment agents and employers will be much more approachable than when you were still overseas. Also, reach out to anyone you may know for their contacts so you can catch up with anyone who can assist you with getting to know the local jobs market, start building your network and help you with getting a job in Australia.

Most new arrivals do take a step down from the level where they were when they start to work in Australia (unless you have specialist or rare skills or were sponsored by an employer), don’t be discouraged as it doesn’t take long to build up a network in your industry and learn where the best jobs are. Australia’s comparatively small population also means that networks are smaller too so it doesn’t take long to build decent contacts. Most employers also recognise the risk and understand the significant financial commitment that migrants make and are very happy to employ them. Also remember that around one in four Australians is either a migrant or the child of a migrant so it’s highly likely they will identify with your move and give you an opportunity.

Finding a Job

Getting a job as a new arrival is a “numbers game” and like sales, the more you put in the more likely you are to be successful. If your profession has a professional body or association, then join up and find out which (if any) certifications or courses you need to complete to satisfy the Australian jobs market and complete these as a matter of priority, if you haven’t already. Also establish which recruiters specialise in your industry and arrange to meet with them to register and discuss your experience and which positions may be suitable.

Don’t set your expectations too high initially, remember that you are an “unknown quantity” in Australia and, in some cases, international experience can be a significant advantage, particularly if you have worked for a recognisable corporate overseas. Be prepared to earn less than you were hoping as you can always change jobs when the right position becomes available.

Visit the Work in Australia page for some links to the main job search websites and some of the larger national recruitment companies.

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