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Pre-departure Checklists: Get Organised

Before leaving for Australia


There are many tasks that you’ll need to complete before leaving for Australia and even more that you can put off until you arrive. We hope we can help you make the process as easy as possible and have put together lists to guide you.

Relocating can also be much more complicated and can include many more things that you can do, though most of these can be put off until you arrive in Australia and the most stressful period is over. Once your new Aussie adventure begins then you’ll have time to start ticking off the tasks as listed in the When You Arrive section. It will also be easier to meet with the relevant people and companies face-to-face in Australia to discuss your own needs as opposed to trying to communicate over the phone, by Skype or emails back and forth, not to mention managing this across different time zones.

Don’t be put off as some tasks (such as opening a bank account and arranging currency transfers) are easier before leaving for Australia and can be done quite easily from overseas.

If you haven’t already done so, you can register for our free, interactive that will remember your tasks, which ones you have completed and what still needs your attention. There are no costs or catches and registering allows the system to remember your tasks in one convenient place.

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