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Making the Decision to Emigrate to Australia

Emigrate to Australia

The decision to emigrate to Australia is not an easy one and the relocation process can be very emotional and stressful.

However, as with any challenging decision there are great opportunities and rewards to be found at the end of the process – so HANG IN THERE!

It’s no secret that immigration has shaped Australia and helped make it the country it is today. Australia’s ageing population means that we rely on new migrants for about 60% of our population growth. So don’t believe any rumours about changing migration policies you may have heard, the truth is we need skilled migrants and therefore want (and need) you to emigrate to Australia.

Emigrate to Australia for a Better Lifestyle

Many migrants move to Aussie for the warm, sunny beaches, economic opportunities, an outdoor lifestyle to benefit children or to leave behind high crime or an uncertain future in their home countries.

Whatever your reasons are, we are sure that one of your motivations for deciding to migrate to Australia is “for a better lifestyle”.

Australia offers a wonderful, safe, friendly, tolerant and increasingly multi-cultural environment in which one can live very happily. Our fantastic temperate climate (in most of the country), the fact that we are a very young country by world standards and therefore sparsely populated, means plenty of space for new people.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to emigrate to Australia you will find that it is a very welcoming place. Aussies will definitely make you feel at home once you have made the move and hopefully with our help your is a wonderful adventure and the start of a new life Down Under.

Minimise the Stress of Emigrating to Australia

We’re not going to ‘sugar-coat’ it, moving countries is regarded as one of the three most stressful life experiences that one can have along with losing a close family member and divorce. Hopefully this doesn’t put you off as it is not meant to, it is really important that you realise how stressful the process can be and what you can do to manage and limit the stress involved.

Whilst it can be stressful, with some careful research and planning as well as an understanding of what you need to do vs. what you can put off; the process can be very rewarding if managed correctly. We have adopted this approach whilst putting this site together. We have used own experience of moving, the mistakes we made and the help we received to help put together task lists and order the content to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Take the time to explore the various sections and best of luck with an exciting journey!

Deciding Where to Live

A very big part of the decision to move is where to move to, as Australia is a big country. It is important, whilst considering job prospects and where you’re most likely to have career opportunities, to consider where you may have family already living in Australia or close friends who have already made the move. In the beginning it is important to have a support network and even distant relatives can be a great initial network – so reach out to people you know or can connect with for their help and advice.

The States of Australia

If you do not know anyone in Australia then the state governments’ migration websites have useful information on their regions and capital cities to help you to make an informed decision, see the links to their sites below.
If you have never been to Australia, then we would strongly suggest doing a Look, See, Decide Trip (humorously referred to as a “LSD” Trip), to explore the major capitals or towns you are considering as your destination before commencing your migration application process. States and territories website links:

Live in Australia - Move to Australia (©Tony Hewitt)Live in New South Wales
Live in Victoria
Live in Western Australia
Live in Queensland
Live in South Australia
Live in the Northern Territory
Live in Canberra
Live in Tasmania

Tips to Get You Started:

We are migrants ourselves and we have also worked with many different service providers in the Australian Migration Industry for more than a decade, therefore we are able to recommend services and companies for what you need at each stage of the migration process. You will also find all the relevant information with links to trusted service providers on this site – everything you need to know in one place to make an easy move!

 (for access to your personalised interactive migration checklists)

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