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Australian Migration Events & Publications

A great resource when you’re thinking about moving to Australia or planning your move is to attend Australian Migration events.

There are a number of migration expos, smaller migration information events and information seminars that are held throughout the year in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Canada, Asia and South Africa. Other useful resources (in addition to the internet) are publications and magazines on moving to Australia and life down under, see the Publications section below for more information and links.

Many of these events are attended by Australian employers looking for suitably qualified people they can employ and sponsor to work in Australia under the employer sponsorship visa categories, other events tend to be more general information on migration to Australia and may only have locally based migration agents and / or service providers in attendance. All these events are a great opportunity to meet with specialist shipping and removal companies, foreign exchange companies, banks, Registered Australian Migration Agents and other service providers to discuss your various aspects of the move to Australia. The various State Governments of Australia’s migration divisions frequently attend the larger migration expos and seminars in the UK, Ireland and South Africa and can discuss their particular skills shortages and state sponsorship for independent migration to Australia.

Main Expo Events

Australian Migration Events
Working In is a well-established and respected migration expo company that has been organising Australian migration events and expos since 1998. They hold large events every March and October in London, and Manchester and regularly host events in Ireland, South Africa and Australia..

Working In events are well supported and attended by the various Australian State Government immigration departments, Australian employers seeking skilled employees, Australian banks, international removals companies, foreign exchange companies and migration agents to assist you and discuss all aspects of your move.

For details of an event near you please visit the Working In Australia Website.

Down Under Live is a UK owned expo company that holds migration expos and events with information on moving to Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The business is owned by and was set up by the owners of Australia & New Zealand Magazine (Evolve Digital Media) and is often attended by some of the Australian state government and regional migration offices as well as UK based migration agents, shipping companies and foreign exchange companies. They generally hold events in London, Birmingham and Glasgow, for details on their events and when the next one is being held, visit the Down Under Live Website.

Migration Seminars

Various companies involved in the migration process and the Australian State Governments regularly hold smaller migration seminars that are designed to showcase their services and hope that you will consider them when you are ready to move. These events usually take the format of a series of presentations by a migration agent, international removals company and a financial services company (bank and/or foreign exchange company), they are also sometimes attended by a representative of one or more of the Australian state governments. They are very useful if you have the ability to meet with and discuss your own situation and needs with the various company (and government) representatives present, so keep an open mind and make the most of the opportunity to ask as many questions as you can. Check the Australian registered migration agents’ websites that are local to you to see if they offer these events. In the UK, some of the Australian banks and international removals companies regularly host events too, so sign up for updates or ask them to let you know when their next seminar is being held.

Remember: There are no obligations to sign up to any of the attending companies, gather the information and use it as part of your research to help you decide which service provider you feel would give you the best value and service when you are ready.

Australian Futures Events
Australian Futures Events is a collaboration between the Australian state governments of Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia. They regularly host invitation only seminars on migration and living in these four states in London in the UK and occasionally the rest of the UK and Ireland. Their own hosted events are usually free of charge to attend, you will need to register and will receive an invitation to attend. For more information and to register, visit the Australian Futures Events Website.

The South Australia Government London office hosts their own migration seminars with information on how to migrate to South Australia. They hold and attend events in the UK and Europe. For information on which seminars and expos they are attending, visit their Website

Migration Publications

Australia & New Zealand Magazine:

A UK owned and based publication that can either be subscribed to online or purchased from WH Smith news agents, and some Sainsbury’s and Tesco in the UK. They have been operating under various parent companies since the mid 2000’s and has many interesting articles on Australia and New Zealand as well as advertising from UK based service providers.

Merise Magazine:

An Australian owned and based publication that is printed in English, Afrikaans and in hard copy or available online in digital format. A magazine that covers life in Australia and New Zealand as well as useful information on migrating, settling in and how to make the most of your new life in Australia. Regularly has interviews with migrants from all backgrounds who have made the move themselves and their personal experiences as well as guides and tips for how things work in Australia from a migrant’s perspective. For information on where to buy your copy, order a subscription or to view the magazine online, visit the Merise Magazine Website.

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