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Migration Information and Contacts

About Move to Australia Pty Ltd

Where Move to Australia Pty Ltd Began

This website and the free services listed here were born from many years of personal involvement in the Migration Sector and the frustration we felt seeing unethical and dodgy people taking advantage of migrants purely for financial gain. The hundreds of migration events we have attended all over the world and tens of thousands of migrants (and aspiring migrants) had given us a deep insight into most of the problems that people face when thinking about moving countries, planning the move and the process of settling in a new country. We have been there ourselves and experienced the frustrations, stresses and indecisions many of you are going through or may experience and for the past 15 years and are delighted that we can share our knowledge and contacts in the industry with you.

What are we trying to achieve?

Move to Australia Pty Ltd and our website has a simple goal, bring migrants together to one place where they can enjoy group discounts on services from the most trusted service providers that migrants use when moving to Australia, unlike everyone else we also assist you when you arrive and with the longer term settling in process The more customers we assist, the better our bargaining power is with our service providers, which means discounts for you our clients. We only work with or recommend the services of companies would use ourselves and in many cases have done so. We spend all our time and effort to partner with only the best companies for just one destination – AUSTRALIA.

Whilst we do not believe in mission statements, we are passionate about our core values and our business was born from these:

We are proud to be a wholly Australian owned and based company that is built on and believes passionately in trusted and ethical partnerships. We have one main goal in everything we do – To ensure that migrants to Australia get the best deal from all companies they need to engage in the process of their move and that our partners are the most highly regarded reputable companies who specialise in moving people to Australia, have significant expertise and people who share our beliefs of long-term ethical business practices. We believe that every business we are directly or indirectly associated with will give you exceptional service and the best value for the services you have engaged them to deliver. We have worked with and known each of our partner companies and their key people for many years and have first hand and extensive customer validation that testify to their reputations. If you don’t see them here, then we don’t know them or aren’t 100% comfortable with the way they do business.

We are not Migration Agents

No migration agents have any involvement with our website or business nor does any other commercial business engaged in migration to Australia. We also do not host or try to steer you to attend events or “expos” we have organised. We prefer to attend events that are organised by experts in this field and support companies whose reputations we believe are beyond reproach. We have chosen to promote the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) as believe their code of conduct and member Registered Migration Agents are well placed to assist you with visa related matters. We will NEVER partner with NOR endorse the services of unregistered migration agents nor receive customer referrals from these businesses under any circumstances.

Impartial Opinions

Over 30 years of combined professional experience in the migration industry in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia means that we have made and maintained extensive contacts with well established professional and reputable companies across all business types who help people with the move to Australia. We have seen it all – the good, the average, the bad, the indifferent; and also in some rare cases (what we and the Australian Government would describe as) the criminal!

We are also realists and know that occasionally the unexpected happens and also sometimes people make mistakes – if this happens we want to be the first to know as we would want the opportunity to assist and mediate where necessary. We also want to have the ability to remove suppliers and service providers whose focus shifts away from exceptional service to ensure that you only deal with the best at competitive rates.

We completely believe in the freedom of choice and have done our best in each section of the website to steer you away from common traps and share some tips to ensure you know what questions to ask when engaging a supplier.