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Migration Information Partners and Service Providers

We have personally met with and know the companies listed below and are confident that the services they provide and their focus on helping people is second to none in the migration industry. Whilst there are many other companies who may be able to assist you, we highly regard those listed below as the best we can find and are happy to recommend. Many are commercial businesses, some are government agencies and all can help to make your moving process simpler. Move to Australia does not have any agreements or partnership arrangements in place with any Australian government agency or department, information provided about these departments and organisations are provided for information purposes only. We are NOT owned by and no companies we recommend have any interests in Move to Australia or movetoAus.com.au.

Expos and Events

Workingin Australia Workingin host premier Australian migration events that are held twice yearly in the UK, Ireland, South Africa and Australia. Click on the Workingin logo to visit their website.

Australian Futures Events Australian Futures Events is a joint initiative between the Queensland, Victoria, West Australia and South Australia governments in the UK. The regularly host seminars in the UK on migration to Australia and to their states.

Click on the logo to register and for more information on their next events.

Skills Assessments

CPA AustraliaCPA Australia provides skills assessments for accountants, auditors and other accounting professionals. Click on the CPA logo to visit their skills assessment page of the CPA website.

Shipping Companies

UK Shipping Companies

PSS logo PSS International Removals is a family run business that has been offering only international removals for the past 33 years.
PSS International is a fully bonded member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) Overseas Group, and a FIDI Accredited International Mover (FAIM).

Their services include household removals, excess baggage, motor vehicle shipping, export packing, air freight and storage solutions. Click on their logo for their contact details and more information.

South African Shipping Companies

Biddulphs International Biddulphs International are South Africa’s largest independent moving company and ship households both nationally and internationally. They are FAIM accredited, have 14 offices across South Africa and are part of the Ungroup Relocation Network that provides access to over 1200 service centres worldwide.

Click on the Biddulphs logo for their website, contact details and more information.

Econo Trans Econo Trans is a family owned international removals company based in Cape Town. They assist with household removals and vehicle shipping as well as customs clearances. Click on their logo for more information.

Pet Relocation Companies

UK Pet Relocation Companies

Transfur Transfur International Pet Relocation was established over20 years ago and regularly attends migration events across the UK to answer pet owners’ questions on relocating their pets to Australia. Click on their logo to go to their website for more information on their services.

Airpets Airpets has extensive facilities located within the Heathrow Airport area and they have over 50 years’ experience of assisting people with their international pet relocation needs. Click on the Airpets logo for their website and contact details.

Starwood Animal Transport Starwood Animal Transport is one of the world’s largest pet relocation companies. They have offices in the UK, Australia and USA so can assist you before you leave and when you arrive with all aspects of your pets move to Aussie. Click on the Starwood logo to visit their website where you can contact them for more information.

South African Pet Relocation

Paws Resort Paws Resort offers the Australian approved pet relocation services as well as different packages to suit your needs and budget. Click on their logo to visit their website for detailed information on their pet relocation services and their contact details.

Currency Transfers (Foreign Exchange)

UK Foreign Exchange Companies

Currencies Direct Currencies Direct UK can assist migrants from the UK and Europe with large and small transfers to Australia as well as regular payments to receive salary or pension payments. Click on the Currencies Direct logo for their website and more information on their services.

TorFX TorFX have offices in both the UK and Australia so can assist you from both countries in the local time zone with all your currency transfer needs. Click on the TorFX logo to go to their website for more information and how to get in touch with them.

South African Foreign Exchange Companies

Transfer money to Australia - Currencies Direct Currencies Direct South Africa Are part of the Currencies Direct Group, the largest privately owned FX company in the world. They have offices in Australia as well (that trade as TorFX) so can assist if you’re in SA or Australia. They can assist with all your foreign currency transfer needs as well as all the relevant SARS and South African Reserve Bank paperwork as part of their services. Click on the Currencies Direct logo for their contact details and more information.