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Our Values

We have combined our own experiences of moving Down Under, our professional experience of helping people move to Australia as well as thousands of conversations with new migrants and people who made the move many years ago to make your process as easy as possible. We are not a commercial website and will never charge our customers to register on our site or to use any of the services we may offer nor for any specials or discounts we have negotiated.

We have partnership agreements in place with many of our suppliers and may receive referral payments from them for introducing their services to you, these payments (where applicable) are not at your expense and if you feel that you can get a better deal elsewhere then you are free to use any alternative supplier as you wish.

We do not have any agreements in place (in any form) with any Australian federal, state or territory government department or division and do not receive any benefits (financial or otherwise) from any government agency or department. No affiliations between Move to Australia or movetoaus.com.au and any Australian government agency or division exist or are implied.

Our partnerships are based on well established trust relationships with regulated (where appropriate) businesses we are confident will do the right thing by our customers and give you the best service at the best possible price with discounts we have negotiated on your behalf.

One way we can describe our services is that we bring individual migrants together to give you access to volume business discounts (sometimes called “corporate discounts”) and pass these on to you as a customer of Move to Australia – so please tell your friends, the more customers we assist the better the discounts for you! We also have significant buying power and this means we can manage the service you receive from our suppliers and intervene on your behalf where you feel you have not received the service you were expecting and move our business elsewhere where a business loses focus on providing excellent service to our customers.