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Shipping Household Effects

Ship or Sell Everything and Buy New?

Should I be shipping household effects to Australia or not – a common question and one we have been asked many, many times over the years and the answer depends on how much you have to ship, or rather how little. A good rule is to ship as much as possible if your furniture and personal effects are in good condition, have sentimental value or will still “do the job”. It is also surprisingly economical to ship furniture and household effects to Australia, often cheaper than moving them to another city in your home country.

The other reason why we recommend shipping your goods is they are often not worth much second hand (if anything) and will be expensive to replace when you arrive in Australia. Having your own bed and familiar goods can also give a feeling of comfort and familiarity when you first arrive, not to mention also take the pressure off having to spend the first few weekends shopping for furniture. Furthermore, a few months or years from the faithful old sofa mean you can become more familiar with locally made ones and allow you time to shop around for a bargain or buy new on the sales.

Shipping Household Personal Effects

Whether you are sending a few boxes of clothes and personal effects, personal effects and some furniture or a whole household of furniture or more including cars, boats, caravans or anything else, most shipping companies have flexible solutions that charge only for the space your goods occupy in a container i.e. you can share a container. There are also companies that specialise in sending just boxes and those who give you the option to send goods by sea or air (or both).

We feel that you should ensure that any international removals or shipping company you decide to engage should be a member of FIDI and be FAIM Certified and display these logos on their company website and/or paperwork. These memberships/accreditations ensure that the company you have entrusted with your possessions is of the highest possible standard in the International Removals industry.


It is also really important that you request any International Removals quotes to include insurance, as it is a common trick employed by some smaller and less reputable companies in the removals industry to load the insurance premium / make up revenue from insurance. Lower premiums will also mean that your chosen removals company has a low claims history!

We have carefully selected the international removals companies listed below based on many years’ experience in the migration industry, their excellent reputations and also for the reason that each one specialises in shipping to Australia as their largest market.

International Removals Companies:

United Kingdom Based Shipping Companies

PSS logoPSS International Removals has been assisting people in the UK with their international removals needs for over 33 years.
They are a family owned and run business that is a FIDI Accredited International Mover (FAIM and a fully bonded member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) Overseas Group. They offer customers a free home survey, so that they can accurately arrange a quote for the exact volume of personal effects and household goods you will be sending to your new home in Aussie. Their expert team will also assist you with and discuss the relevant customs information with you to ensure there are no surprises when your possessions arrive.

Their services include:

• Home Contents Relocations: This can be either an exclusive container service, where your effects are export packed, loaded and sealed at your residence; or the use of a shared container where you only pay for the amount of space you use – or even a combination of these.

• Excess Baggage Service: You pack your own personal effects in cartons that are supplied free of charge, these are collected from your door and moved to your overseas destination by either air or sea.

• International Vehicle Shipping: Your car(s), motor cycle(s), trailers, boats, etc. are packed in containers, crated where necessary, and shipped overseas. This is a roll-on / roll-off service.

• Air Freight: A fast service to get larger essential items you may need for when you arrive that you cannot take as excess baggage.

• Packing Your Goods: All of the PSS staff are trained to the highest standard in international removals and they only use approved export packing materials to protect your personal possessions.

• Storage Solutions: PSS offer secure storage of your goods in specialist warehouses both in the UK and in your destination country, please contact them to discuss your needs.

Contacting PSS International Removals:
John Moynes
PSS International Removals

Email: sales@pssremovals.com
Tel: +44 (0)20 8686 7733
Visit the PSS website for more information.

Pickfords has offices across the UK and an international network of over 600 offices in more than 45 countries. The business was established in the UK in the 17th century, making it one of the oldest established removals and relocation businesses still operating in the world. Visit the Pickfords Website for more information on their international removals services and to speak to a representative at your local Pickfords office.

South Africa Based Shipping Companies(National Companies)

Bayley Worldwide RemovalsBayley Worldwide Removals is a family owned and run international removals company that was established in 1988 and has over 20 years of experience of assisting South African families with their international moves. Brenda, Liam and family believe strongly in personal service and partnering with their customers to ensure your move proceeds smoothly.
Visit the Bayley Worldwide Website for their contact details or arrange a call back to discuss your move in detail.

Biddulphs InternationalBiddulphs International are a large, independent removals company with 14 offices across South Africa that can assist with local and international removals.
Visit the Biddulphs Website for contact details and more information.

Stuttaford Van LinesStuttaford Van Lines are probably South Africa’s best known removals company, established in the mid-1800’s. Stuttaford Van Lines can assist with domestic or international removals, they have 14 branches across SA.
Visit the Stuttaford Van Lines Website for more information.

South Africa (Cape Town)

Econo TransEcono Trans is a family owned business that specialises in international removals from Cape Town to Australia (as well as to any other country). Adrian and his team specialise in personal and professional service and are happy to discuss any of your concerns or questions.
Visit the Econo Trans Website for more details on their services and to get in touch.

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