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Moving Pets to Australia

If you’re planning on shipping pets to Australia from NZ or any other country, the good news is that Australia changed quarantine restrictions in 2014. We are all pet owners ourselves and are well aware of how important it is to get this right to minimise the anxiety for your furry family member(s) and the rest of the family too!

The great news is that pets travelling from most countries now usually only need to spend 10 days in quarantine on arrival. However, shipping pets to Australia from any country is not a cheap process with requirements for microchips, vaccinations, vet checks, flights and the 10 days in quarantine.

Fortunately, there are companies which specialise in pet transportation and can manage the process for you.

Shipping Pets to Australia from NZ

Most breeds of dogs and cats from New Zealand generally do not require an import permit nor quarantine to be brought to Australia.

Rabbits and some species of birds can be brought in from New Zealand only (not from any other country) and require quarantine on arrival in Australia.

Dogs, cats and horses can only be imported to Australia from approved countries and please be aware that the list of approved countries for horses is much shorter than that for dogs and cats.

Generally, your dog or cat will be subject to a period of quarantine, vaccination and testing for various types of illness for around six months before being able to leave for Australia. On arrival, they will have to spend a minimum 10 days in Australian quarantine (as relevant). More information can be found on the Australian Government Agriculture website under the biosecurity section or by following this LINK. Also be sure to access the step-by-step guides.

Shipping Pets

The easiest solution is to contact an approved pet relocation company as it will be necessary to engage with them at some stage for quarantine and flights anyway. We can recommend the following businesses in your country as we have personal experience of their services or they meet our stringent Service Provider Selection Criteria:

Shipping Pets to Australia from the UK

UK Based Pet Relocation Companies

Transfur Transfur was established in the mid-1990’s and has completed over 2,500 successful international pet relocations to date. They regularly attend migration events to discuss international pet relocation and share their expertise with UK migrants who are considering moving to Australia. They are located a short distance from Gatwick airport.
Visit the Transfur Website for more information and their contact details.

AirpetsAirpets was established over 40 years ago and is located close to Heathrow Airport. They can assist with all aspects of international relocation of your pet to Australia.
Visit the Airpets Website for more information.

Starwood Animal Transport ServicesStarwood Animal Transport Services have been assisting families with their pet relocation needs for over 30 years. They have offices in London, Manchester, Australia and across the USA. For more information on their services and how to get in touch with them, please visit the Starwoods Website.

Shipping Pets from South Africa

South Africa Based Pet Relocation Companies

Paws Resort
Paws Resort was set up by husband and wife team, Dr Roy and Dr Kristine Page. Both Roy and Kristine are qualified veterinarians who care passionately about giving your pet the best possible care and want to ensure that the necessary processes for international relocation are as pleasant and easy as possible for your companion(s).
Please visit the Paws Resort Website for comprehensive information on the Australian relocation requirements, the other services that they offer and contact details so you can get in touch with the “Page team”.

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