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Moving to Australia from the UK

You are not alone! Whether you’re moving to Australia from the UK or other locations around the globe, you’ll find one in four of us were born overseas.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have moved to Australia in the past decade and Australia owes its rich culture and multiculturalism to us all.

Now and again we want to connect with others who have made the move themselves for their tips and guidance or just to have a chat, ask questions or have a whinge! Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to find aspects of the migration process and life in Aussie frustrating and annoying at times and as many migrants will testify (even those of us who’ve been here for decades), a good moan now and again can be therapy.

It is also great to compare notes and get tips on this wonderful country from other migrants too and to share our experiences with others who are going through the moving and settling in process.
There are plenty of forums that were set up by migrants that are well supported with hundreds of topics on pretty much anything to do with life in all parts of Australia.

A word of CAUTION: treat any ‘advice’ given to you at face value, particularly any advice given made regarding visas, or the migration process unless it is posted by a Registered Australian Migration Agent who quotes their MARN (migration agent registration number) in their profile or in their post. Remember that it is an offence for anyone in Australia to give any migration advice, even if it is not paid for unless they are a Registered Australian Migration Agent. Some people, though well meaning, can inadvertently give the wrong advice that can either cost you money or worse.

Here’s a list of forums for those moving to Australia from the UK or migrants already living Down Under…happy reading (and posting)!

Forums for UK (and other) Migrant

PomsInOz – A forum for Brits (and other migrants) living in Australia, thinking of moving and general chat and news.
Perth Poms – Owned by the owners of PomsInOz and for migrants moving to and living in Western Australia.
Poms in Adelaide – Another PomsInOz site for migrants in Adelaide.
Life in Queensland – Also a PomsInOz website for Queensland migrants.
Life in Victoria – PomsInOz’s Melbourne and Victoria site.
Life in Sydney – PomsInOz’s Sydney site.

British Expats – A website for British expatriates living overseas (USA, Europe, Asia, etc.) with a forum for those living in Australia.

Forums for South African Migrants

SA Australia Forums – Forums for South Africans living in Australia and those interested in migrating to Australia.

General Forums For Migrants & Expats in Australia

Expat Forum – Forum pages for expats from all over the world living in Australia.

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